Education Journalists' Group is a forum of journalists which represents different print and electronic media organizations in Nepal. It is working collectively in different educational issues with the goal of creating a linkage between different groups of interest in education. The organization is registered under District Administration office in Kathmandu in 2000.

For the sustainable development of any country, education plays a pivotal role. Recognizing this fact, EJG is committed to mainstreaming the educational issues in the media so that an effective social transformation will be realized by bettering the education. Therefore, since its establishment, it has been involved in advocacy and research for improving access to quality education in the country. It has been reorienting its activities for promotion of free flow of education system, investigation of problems of our educational system, promotion of discussion on educational options and choices, conduction of opinion polls on burning educational issues, development of media watch group on education, and promotion of dialogue among media persons, educational experts, policy makers, donors, and general public.

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